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Let the charm seize you....

Vacations for couples, family trip, weekend with friends…

However you travel, discovering Chatel is discovering the joys of a dream ski station/village: a lively town center and preserved mountain architecture.

The landscapes are the size of the valley’s old chalets: majestic!

Here, the atmosphere expresses a savory mix of the relaxed rhythm of life, conviviality, and partying.

The residents of Chatel and Abondance Valley cultivate an art of living that they discovered conjugating in the present.

Today, the spirit of undertaking appears in the mountain’s artisanal and agricultural creations.

Be ready for the takeover. Coming to Chatel, you will discover a valley that breathes energy, where traditions and modernity create a sparkling cocktail.

For more information: http://info.chatel.com/



In the recipes of Savoie, Abondance’s cheese, like our mountain’s deli, is honored and works wonders in the palate.

Abondance, Vacherin, Berthoud, matafan, polentan, sausage and cabbage, diots in white wine, fondue, raclette cheese, rissoles, a whole gourmand library to thumb through during your vacations.

ancestral recipes, like the recent culinary developments, pay homage to all supported by the land’s cuisine.

To satisfy a lumberjack’s appetite or a skier’s hunger, taste our local flavors!


Hôtel Restaurant Le Panoramic - Route du Linga - 74390 Chatel - Tel : 0033 450 73 01 74

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